Exercise Towards Godliness

The science and art of Biblical fasting lies in largely uncharted waters in the vast ocean of Christian traditions.

This is no ordinary book. The reasons, steps, practical aspects, and manner of fasting are laid out like LEGO. To be sure, fasting is no child’s play. Neither should it be quantum physics. Every believer should know why, when, and how to fast.

The Importance Of Fasting

Why do we need to fast? What is the great importance of
fasting? First, we could consider how sin came about. Sin entered the world as a result of an eating infringement.
Now eating is not wrong, but eating something that God
had forbidden is.

If you look at the Genesis account, you could surmise that the devil came into the serpent. Now remember one thing: the serpent is not the devil because the serpent was part of the creation of God when He made the earth. Satan was originally an angel of God (Ezek. 28:14). And among all the earthly creatures of God, none was so wise, crafty, and cunning as the serpent. So Satan selected the serpent as his instrument when he wanted to enter into the world to corrupt mankind (Gen. 3:1).

If you are wondering how it was possible, let me remind you of something that happened in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. Once the Lord Jesus Christ went to a place called Gadarenes where He was met by a man possessed by
a legion of demons (Mk. 5). The fearful demons begged the Lord Jesus: Oh Lord Jesus, please do not send us to hell. Look, Lord Jesus! There is a group of pigs over there. Send us there. At the Lord’s word “Go!,” all of the demons went immediately into the pigs. The poor pigs could not stand the demons
residing inside them and they all committed suicide by jumping over the cliffs (Mk. 5:13).



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