(I)If one reads this psalm  every morning, he will meet with favour, and if he is traveling to a place, he will meet with mercy of God its Holy name is Jesus Christ Of Nazareth.

(II) on the other hand. Reading this psalm will make you conquer witches entirely. Its holy name is Jesus Christ Of Nazareth.

Prayer For Psalm 17

(I)Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, by thy Holy will let me meet with good  luck, in this journey lead me and guide me against all evils of the way, and let me return home safely for the sake of Thy Mighty  name Jesus Christ Of Nazareth.

(II) Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, deliver me from witches and wizards today and forever. Amen.


  1. For all perils Is and dangers.
  2. For a long standing patient pronounce this psalm into water and let him bathe with it.

Prayer  For Psalm 18.

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, the All merciful and Mighty God for thy most Holy name prevent me from the snare of the enemy, from disease and from all evils of the day and night for might is Thine and my help cometh from Thee alone. Hear me by the might of Thy most Holy name. Jesus Christ Of Nazareth


(I) This psalm is used for labouring women and helps them in childbirth. Kneel on the leg and read this psalm 7 times. Its Holy names is Jehovah-He.

(II) For memory,  to be pronounced on a cup of wine and honey for drinking. Its Holy name is Jehovah-He.

Prayer  For psalm 19

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, may it please thee to look upon this woman who is about to deliver a child as she is now traveling  between  life And death ,take away her pain and help her with the child in her womb and let her deliver her child in peace as quickly as possible and spare both  their lives for the sake of thy Holy name He. Amen.

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