This Psalm should be read on water with sound trust in God for a conceived woman that   had   been   delivering    still-bora children. The woman will be taking  a bath with the water  and should be used first to bath the child after its birth. Its Holy name is Jesus Christ Of Nazareth.

(2) This Psalm will stop famine too.


If you want to visit a noble man read this psalm’ devoutly’ to God. He will give you grace before the man. Jesus Christ Of Nazareth are its Holy names. Its prayer is the prayer under Psalm 16.


(1)If you go out, read this psalm nakedly out-side in the night witches will flee from you altogether. Pronounce Jesus Christ Of Nazareth (7 Time) before and after reading it.

(2) If one has a case in court, let him wake up and read it 3 times with psalm 40 and 70 on a cupful of water (to be read kneeling nakedly at night)  and  drink,  Jesus Christ Of Nazareth are  the  Holy  names to be pronounced prayer is the prayer under Psalm 16.

PSALM  36.

Reading this psalm will not allow people to speak lies against you. If even people tell lies against you, the secret will be revealed.  Its Holy names are Mispateka. Jesus Christ Of Nazareth. Its prayer is the prayer under psalm 16.

PSALM   37

If a drunkard wishes to give up drinking, he should read this psalm always on water, drink part of it and wash is head with the rest. Its prayer is the prayer under Psalm 16.

PSALM   38 &39

If an elder or superior man is angry with you and wants, to do you evil; go to the farm or war side where you can secluded pray at 6.30am before sunrise, read-this psalm 7 times with Psalm 39, pronounce this  Holy names as you are reading it Jesus Christ Of Nazareth for 38 and Jesus Christ Of Nazareth the son of the Living God, for 39. Fast through the day and you will know that there is God. Its prayer is the prayer under Psalm 16

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  1. I appreciate the prayer of Psalms. Am accused falsely. I look up to you for more daily prayer point that has to do with what I mentioned above.

  2. To GOD be the glory thank you Jesus for such blessings GOD bless you people too for revealing this secret of psalms through this media most greateful and am ready to help both myself, families and draw people near to christ our saviour

  3. Eli, Aha, Ghananiah, Jod , He, Foh are some of Gods holy names so can you please give me the original copy of the key to Psalms please .?


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