This psalm is used for all purpose. Its holy name is Jesus Christ Of Nazareth.

Prayer for Psalm 91

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth thou  didst combine  91 names  into one  , thou art the wonderful and holy ruler over all the seen and the unseen: Most High, glorify Thy name, sanctify it on earth that unto thee (Mention  you desire) Glory to Jehovah the rock of my defiance. Thou art my refuge and my redeemer help me today. Thou merciful hear me as Thou headrest all people who call thy name. Amen.


If you :want to rise to a position of honour and dignity,  read this Psalm into a pot of water, wash with it Read Psalm 94, 24, 23, 100. 3 times each before washing with the water. After washing face the south and pray before you leave the place, continue this for 3 days and you will get to a honorable position.


This psalm will give you victory over enemies. It’s prayer is the prayer  under psalm 16.


If you have a mighty and persistent enemy, get to a field on Monday, read this psalm 3 times facing the east and 3 times facing the west, and read also Psalm 93, 7 times and pray each time you need it. Its Holy name is Jesus Christ Of Nazareth.

Prayer for Psalm 94

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth may it please thee, Thou mighty, Merciful and Good God, to conquer my enemy.  As Thou didst do not to the enemies of Moses. Let my people be acceptable unto thee Amen.

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