Spiritual Gifts & Their Operations

The “powers of the age to come” is going to be poured out upon the Body of Christ very soon. If this so, then we should not be ignorant concerning spiritual gifts (1 Cor 12:1).

The spiritual gifts consist not only the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit but also the seven Spirits of God. Together they are a mighty power of the heavenly kind which is going to be rained down upon the end-time Church in a manner unprecedented in history.

What do the Scriptures mean when they talk about the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit and the seven Spirits of God? If you have ever asked yourself this question, you are not alone.

In this book you will learn the answers to the following questions:

• What are the Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit?
• What are the Seven Spirits of God?
• How can we understand their workings and manifestations?
• How can we receive these gifts?
• How to increase the anointing on each of the gifts?
• How to avoid pitfalls in exercising the gifts?

Through his simple and concise yet inspiring and enlightening teaching, the author has taught meanings and the manifestations of the precious and wonderful nine gifts of the Holy Spirit and the seven Spirits of God.

Learn from Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj’s personal experiences the power of the Holy Spirit through His gifts. Discover how to receive, operate and sharpen these gifts of the Holy Spirit.

God wants to take ordinary people and work supernaturally through them through these powers of the age to come. Get this book right now!

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