Key To Psalm For Daily Life (Psalm 20 to 23)

PSALM20 Pronounce  this psalm 7 times on water, take a bathe with it and God will give your honour before all people, especially in the Jaw suit. His Holy name is Jehovah. Prayer for Psalm 20 God the judge  of  all  earth,  thou  in  Thy  majesty  hadest...

Key To Psalm For Daily Life (Psalm 17 to 19)

PSALM 17. (I)If one reads this psalm  every morning, he will meet with favour, and if he is traveling to a place, he will meet with mercy of God its Holy name is Jesus Christ Of Nazareth. (II) on the other hand. Reading this psalm will...

Key To Psalm For Daily Life (Psalm 14 to 16)

PSALM 14 There is no one who will tell lies against you and people will believe whatever you tell them, if you are reading this psalm daily. Its Holy name is Jesus Christ Of Nazareth. Prayer for Psalm14 Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, may it please, Thee to...

Key To Psalm For Daily Life (Psalm 10 to 13)

PSALM 10 This psalm pronounced upon a man affected with smallpox with the-holy name Jesus Christ Of Nazareth (II) When a man is being troubled by evil spirit, fill a new pot with water at 12 midnight let the sufferer bathe himself with the water...

Key To Psalm For, enemy rises, love of all, healthy, (Psalm 7 to 9)

When an enemy rises against you, go outside by night naked and face the East, read this psalm with the Holy name Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, and the enemy will be overthrown. Prayer for Psalm 7

Key To Psalm For Daily Life (Psalm 4 to 6)

Psalm 4 This Psalm is used for God's favour and it is to be read with devotion 7 times in the morning and these Holy names should be pronounced before reading it: Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Prayer for Psalm 4. Lord Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, may I...

Key To Psalms For daily life (Psalm 1 to 3)

PSALM 1 A pregnant woman should use this psalm with deep faith and these Holy names Jesus Christ Of Nazareth say along with it "three times, after which a prayer should be said. Prayer for Psalm 1 Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, the son of the living God...