The Art of Waiting on God Free Download by Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Soaring above the thermals while out hunting for food, an eagle will soar even higher at the scent of approaching storm. In this place of safety, the eagle patiently waits, basking in the relative calm until the fury below him passes on. The perception and knowledge of the eagle, who lives in habitats usually marked by inclement weather, should accompany every believer in Christ who wants to ride out the tempests of life triumphantly.

Whence comes such sacred wisdom, however?

From the place of greatest safety no less—under the shadow of the Almighty, a sanctum entered by the process of waiting on God. Thankfully, waiting on God isn’t quite like playing the maî.tre d’ of a bustling restaurant. Even in our mad-rush world, everyone who truly desires can wait on God. And the rewards are priceless. Open these pages. Let the life and counsel of a Seer-Prophet who waits on God many hours each day—and who has soared like an eagle into the realms of the heavenlies—deposit nuggets of wisdom into your heart.

Do you wish to see visions of God and enter into the heavenly realm? The Spirit realm becomes so real and lucid as you allow the rich and deep revelatory, yet simple-to-understand, teachings found in this rare and one-of-a-kind book to permeate your spirit and soul.

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