The Spirit Controlled Life by Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj Free Download ( PDF )

To Gain Self-Control Give Christ Control

Do you want to walk in the Spirit? Many Christians struggle to walk like Christ Jesus and to live up to biblical standards. Sometimes it seems that time after time we are overcome by the power of sin.

Centuries ago, Roman emperors were known to inflict the hideous punishment of binding the corpse of a murder victim to the back of the murderer. Under penalty of death no one was allowed to remove the body from the condemned person.

We long for purity and holiness, yet at times we feel helplessly bound to the “dead body” of our sinful nature. The tendency to sin is always with us. But, thank God, the Lord Jesus Christ has broken the power of sin! By yielding ourselves to the Spirit, we can serve in newness of life.

Do you want to walk in the Spirit so that you need not succumb to sin? Then this is the book for you! The author teaches clearly and in simple terms how every Christians can overcome the sins of the flesh.

You’ll gain insight into how to overcome and break bad habits that have been dragging you down. If it is you desire to live a victorious Christian life, free from the power of sin, you need to learn how to live a Spirit-controlled life. This book will show you how.



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  1. Praise the Lord our beloved prophet, yes, really i proud of your calling of prepare the way of two witnesses in the days. May god use you mightily for his purpose… Thq our great sadhu


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