Use this Psalm, When an enemy rises against you, love of all people both work and elsewhere, If a man is unhealthy let him read, (Psalm 7 to 9).


When an enemy rises against you, go outside by night naked and face the East, read this psalm with the Holy name Jesus Christ Of Nazareth  and the enemy will be overthrown.

Prayer for Psalm 7

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth  Thou honorable and mighty God, most High may it please Thee to change the hearts of my enemies that they may do me good instead of evil, as Thou hadst done unto Abraham in olden days when he prayed with this holy name, Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, Amen .


This psalm when repeated always will give you love of all people both where you work and elsewhere. It is to be said at every 9p.m.  With this Holy name “Jesus Christ Of Nazareth” for 8 Days.

Prayer for Psalm 8

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, may it please Thee to let all people love me. Please let me receive their favour and kindness through Thy Holy will, Amen.


If a man is unhealthy let him read this psalm into a new pot filled with water; he has to bathe with the Water, after praying he will be sure and fear no enemy again. Its Holy name is Jesus Christ Of Nazareth

Prayer for  Psalm 9

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth,  most merciful father who alone promises and fulfills may i please Thee by the mighty of Thine Holy name to deliver me from my enemies and backbiters, protect me against their treachery and malice as Thou didst defend David who sang this psalm  aed  delivered him from  all  his  enemies. Amen.


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