In all on our site you have to take your time if you want good results after using or reading  the Psalm and after all it free.

Please, every Psalms have its way of reading it, some have Holy Name and others do not have.

Read this psalm to the four comers of the world if you are going to a place where there are an evil spirit, thieves and wild animals God will protect you. Its prayer is the prayer under Psalm 16. read more

This Psalms does not need any holy name but you can end with In Jesus Christ Of Nazareth as your prayer end.

But it has Prayer under Psalm 16 Click to read where you pray after reading the psalm

PSALM 35.  Click to Read
(1)If you go out, read this psalm nakedly out-side in the night witches will flee from you altogether. Pronounce Jesus Christ Of Nazareth (7 Time) before and after reading it. Click to read.

Take a good look at this Psalm, it has two ways of using the holy name.

1) 7 times when reading
2) 7 times after reading it

But it do not have a prayer under it, that means you do not need prayers but you can still pray your own prayers.

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