When the souls of men arrive in the world of spirits the good at once separate from the evil. In the world, all are mixed together, but it is not so in the spiritual world.

I have many times seen that when the spirits of the good–the Sons of Light enter into the world of spirits they, first of all, bathe in the impalpable air-like waters of a crystal clear ocean, and in this they find an intense and exhilarating refreshment.

Within these miraculous waters they move about as if in open air, neither are they drowned beneath them, nor do the waters wet them, but, wonderfully cleansed and refreshed and fully purified, they enter into the world of glory and light, where they will ever remain in the presence of their dear Lord, and in the fellowship of innumerable saints and angels.


How different from these are the souls of those whose lives have been evil. Ill at ease in the company of the Sons of Light, and tormented by the all-revealing light of Glory, they struggle to hide themselves in places where their impure and sin-stained natures will not be seen.

From the lowest and darkest part of the world of spirits a black and evil-smelling smoke arises, and in their effort to hide themselves from the light, these Sons of Darkness push down, and cast themselves headlong into it, and from it their bitter wails of remorse and anguish are heard constantly to arise.

But heaven is so arranged that the smoke is not seen, nor does the spirits in heaven hear the wails of anguish, unless any of them for some special reason should wish to see the evil plight of those souls in darkness.

This is a Vision give to the Late Saint Sadhu Sundar Singh of India you can ReadMore in his book => The Visions of Sadhu Sundar Singh of India

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  1. Pray for me and my girlfriend to get the money or someone to help us remodel my trailer, or we will suffer, If there is a key to psalm .m BB gjx5. F gg g. H hh. Pray for the 72;names of god to work for me, if Yeshus will allow me to use them ,if to believe in the power of the 72 name of God ,since Yeshus gave me these 72 powers to have a better my life. Pray that God will give me victory over most of my addictions and hers also pray Yeshua will allow me to use pey,hey,lamed victory over addictions

    • Hi,
      To stop addictions us PSALM 69

      If you have a certain bad habit you like to put an end to, read this Psalm into a cup of water and drink it after you pray over it you will overcome the habit its prayer is the prayer under Psalm 16, Do it 2 times morning and evening for 21 days.



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