The concept of this book is the result of a direct commission from God as well as drawing from the author’s accumulated spiritual experiences. The author shares many exciting discoveries on the subject of worship. He urges the reader to venture beyond a staid, spiritless kind of Christianity to attain a renewed fresh realization of having a close and intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus as the foundational basis for worship.

This volume presents simple, clear instructions on every facet of worship. The key element of the fear of Lord permeates the entire book. The conciseness of its seven unique chapters is ideal as a devotional book on worship, making it a veritable treasure



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  1. Hi there, thank you so much for uploading the books which inspire us and motivate us and help us to grow spiritually .

    Kindly please upload the book of “THE MYSTERY OF MT.KHAILASH” by the prophet sadhu sundar selvaraj.

    God bless you.

  2. Dr. Jason Fung, Ive been praying for a plan to lose weight for me and my husband, I believe God led us to your podcast and your youtube posts, we started doing intermittent fasting for a week now and feels so much better. Thank you so much and God bless you!!! Livvy Rutger Linson


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