PSALM   119

Verse 1 – 9

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth
(i)   This psalm is to be read on water for one suffering from gout and disease of the leg.

(ii)  If one always plan to do something and fails, he will succeed  if he prays  this psalm.

Verse 9 – 16

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth -For obtaining good memory., read this Psalm 119 vs 9 to 16 together with Deut :1-3, Joshua 1-8 on an egg, to be eaten. At the same time you will be mentally strong, its prayer under Psalm 16

Verse 17-24

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth  (i) For eye-trouble, read this psalm into water wash the eye in the water and drink it.
(Ii) To win a case or lawsuit,  read 3 days before trial and this should  be read 7 times on each occasion.
(iii) For progress  in all undertakings.

Verse 25-32

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth
(i) This psalm is used for eye trouble
(ii) For obtaining a permanent job.
(iii) These verses are for receiving from God a wise friend or adviser when planning  to under  -take a new thing.

Verses 33-40

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth  the son of the Living God – To avoid bad habits or sins say the verses into water and drink.

Verses 41-48

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth – This is to pronounced  into water for a disobedient   or servant to drink, and she or he will be sober.

Verses 49-66

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth
( i) To cure illness.
(ii) To remain immune  to ail charms  and evil spells.

Verse 57-64

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth – To be pronounced  7 times on water for a sick person to drink and the person will be well.

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