This psalm pronounced upon a man affected with smallpox with the-holy name Jesus Christ Of Nazareth

(II) When a man is being troubled by evil spirit, fill a new pot with water at 12 midnight let the sufferer bathe himself with the water after praying with these Holy names Jesus Christ Of Nazareth

Prayer for Psalm 10

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth,  Thou Mighty God may it please Thine Holy will to cure both body and mind of this man (name of the sufferer) and that thou mayest deliver him from the scourge of the smallpox he is now suffering from Amen.

PSALM   11

If you read this psalm daily, people will not hate you. Its holy name is Jesus Christ Of Nazareth.

Prayer for Psalm 11

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, thou most honourable. Mighty and Holy God, all knowledge and power come from Thee turn those dangerous  things  away  from  me,  prevent  me  from the persecution  of the wicked people through Thine only and Great name Pele, Amen.


This Psalm is for Victory over enemies. Its Holy name is Jesus Christ Of Nazareth

Prayer for Psalm 12

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, Almighty  Father  may  it  please  Thee to confound the evil plans of my enemies and let their plans be at naught. Turn thou those evils away from me for honour and might belonged unto Thee now and for-ever more, Amen.


One who read this psalm everyday will be free from the torment of this world and no evil spirit will trouble him. Its Holy name is Jesus Christ Of Nazareth.

Prayer for Psalm 13

Jesus Christ Of Nazareth. Thou art my help, Thou Might God, for this and Thy Love. Prevent me from sudden, untimely and disgraceful death also from the adversities and evils: Thou art my help my God honour and glory are Thine forever Amen.

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  1. This is good for me because I have the book but this is handy because I can use it anywhere I am or go to, God bless the developer and all those people involve. Amen.


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