Pronounce  this psalm 7 times on water, take a bathe with it and God will give your honour before all people, especially in the Jaw suit. His Holy name is Jehovah.

Prayer After reading the Psalms 7 times

God the judge of all earth, thou in Thy majesty hadest controlled the heart of all men according to Thy holy will. Give, me grace and favour before my manage (name the persone) and all the people concerned about this case, let their mind be opened to do me favour and speak in my favour, so that I may be found guiltless, in this case for the sake of Thy great and honourable name Jehovah. Amen.


  1. For danger on the sea or water
  2. For finding the favour of a great man read this psalm before leaving your house. Its Holy name Jesus Christ Of Nazareth.

Prayer for Psalm 21

May it please Thee by the Holy name Jesus Christ Of Nazareth to stop this raging of sea and deliver me from the perils of the water today. Amen


Before a man starts a journey, let him read this psalm 7 times its holy names are Jesus Christ Of Nazareth.

Prayer for Psalm 22

My Father in heaven, God of Abraham,  God of Isaac, God of Jacob. Shardrach, Meshach and Abednego deliver me from danger and robbers, tempest and wild beasts and bring me safely to my port of destination for the sake of these Thy names Jesus Christ Of Nazareth., Amen.


For dreams, read This Psalm 7 times with fasting. Its Holy names are Jehovah,  Napiah. Bekar. (Also see Psalm 42)

Prayer for Psalm 23

God of all earth, notwithstanding all Thy Glory in Heaven but still Thou hast mercifully listened to the prayer of Thy humble servants and thou grantest their desires. Hear me accordingly  loving  Father  and  that  it  may  please Thee according to thy will to reveal unto me through dream what I am asking of Thee, as thou didst reveal things to our fathers in dreams,  mercifully  grant my prayer and fasting for the sake of Thy honourable  name Jesus Christ Of Nazareth. Amen.

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